Department Of Commerce Health Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public health unit?

Public health units are located within Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) across the state. Some public health units provide services for more than one HHS. Public health units focus on: protecting health. preventing disease, illness and injury. promoting health and wellbeing at a population or whole of community level.

Is there a public health unit in NT?

There is a Public Health Unit in Department of Health, Top End Health Service and Central Australia Health Service. The Public Health sector within NT Health have recently undergone a transition process. This includes the Centre for Disease Control and Environmental Health.

What does the Department of Commerce and industry do?

Driving theme The Department of Commerce & Industry (DCI) is the chief Economic Agency responsible for the overall development, management and supervision of economic and industrial development policies.

How do I contact the Department of Public Health?

For general enquiries, including to notify of diseases and to contact individual Public Health unit – Disease Control programs. (08) 8922 8804.

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