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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @healthy choices?

Healthy Choices is a framework for improving the provision and promotion of healthier foods and drinks in key settings where Victorians spend their time. The Healthy Choices framework includes:

What is the Healthy Choices food and drink classification guide?

The Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide * uses a traffic light system to classify foods and drinks as GREEN (best choices), AMBER (choose carefully) or RED (limit). The guide describes foods and drinks in each category and explains how to decide which category a food or drink fits into.

What does the Healthy Choice logo mean?

Healthy Choice Logo. A frozen package of Healthy Choice\'s country fried chicken. Healthy Choice is the name of a brand of refrigerated and frozen foods owned by ConAgra Foods. According to ConAgra\'s official corporate history, it came into being after then-ConAgra CEO Charles "Mike" Harper suffered a heart attack in 1985.

What is the Smart Choices strategy for healthy food and drink?

Healthy eating and regular physical activity are essential to promoting and maintaining good health. The Smart Choices - Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools (PDF, 1.1MB) is all about offering healthy food and drink choices to students in Queensland schools.

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