Community Integrated Health Networks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Health Network?

Community Health Network is a local healthcare provider dedicated to providing excellence in care and service. We offer an integrated approach that includes primary, behavioral, & oral healthcare, as well as pharmacy, care coordination, and eligibility assistance.

What is a Community-Integrated Health Network?

Explore resources for pursuing complex sustainability strategies and learn how to create stronger partnerships with the health care sector. Through centralized, coordinated processes, Community-Integrated Health Networks provide a unified and consistent approach to program delivery.

What do local health integration network home and community care services include?

What do Local Health Integration Network Home and Community Care Services Include? Providing information and referrals to the public about other community agencies and services available to them.

What is a clinically integrated network?

A clinically integrated network is a group of individual healthcare providers and health systems that work together to improve patient care, decrease the cost of care and demonstrate their value to the market. A CIN is a unique legal structure allowing for monitored collaboration in healthcare between providers.

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