Cigna Health Insurance Individual Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance is Cigna individual and family health insurance?

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans. As your partner in total health, Cigna offers affordable health insurance coverage that fits your needs, right at your fingertips.

How can Cigna help you?

As a Cigna plan member, you can focus entirely on your health. We will take care of the rest. Our mission is to help you improve your health, wellbeing and peace of mind. Log in to your personal webpages to consult all information regarding your plan and access our online services.

What is CIGNA Global?

At Cigna Global, we specialize in worldwide health insurance for globally mobile individuals, providing health care coverage, well-being services and international travel support. It’s our mission to provide you with peace of mind, wherever your adventure takes you in the world.

How do I compare Cigna health insurance plans?

To compare plans, prices, and newly increased subsidies, call 1 (866) 438-2446, Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm ET. To shop for a new plan, get an online quote and apply. Current Cigna customers can see if they qualify for increased subsidies on their existing plan.

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