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Welcome to the new WebMD Cat Health Center. WebMD veterinary experts provide comprehensive information about cat health care, offer nutrition and feeding tips, and help you identify illnesses in cats.

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Cat Health Symptoms Listed A-to-Z

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WebMD provides comprehensive cat health information covering a wide variety of symptoms affecting your pet.

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Cats Healthy Pets, Healthy People CDC

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Monitor your cat’s health. Take your cat to the veterinarian regularly to keep it healthy and prevent infectious diseases. Talk to your veterinarian about preventive treatments for fleas, heartworms, ticks, and other parasites. Make sure to clean up any urine, poop, or vomit in the house immediately, and disinfect the area after cleaning.

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The Top 10 Cat Health Problems Everyday Health

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Obesity is a common cat health issue today, and it increases your cat’s risk for a number of ailments such as joint pain, diabetes, and liver problems. You should be able to …

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Common Cat Diseases ASPCA

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Spread by infected mosquitoes, heartworm is increasingly being recognized as an underlying cause of health problems in domestic cats. Cats are an atypical host for heartworms. Despite its name, heartworm primarily causes lung disease in cats.

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Healthy Cats Guide: Health And Aging

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Cats are susceptible to a wide range of illnesses. Research common feline diseases and conditions, along with drugs, treatments, and home care.

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6 Most Common Cat Health Problems

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Some estimates say as many as 3% of cats seen by vets have feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which is actually a group of feline diseases with multiple causes. Female and male cats can

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Home []

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Notice: Ask-a-Vet is an affiliated service for those who wish to speak with a veterinary professional about their pet's specific condition. Initially, a bot will ask questions to determine the general nature of your concern. Then, you will be transferred to a human. There is a charge for the service if you choose to connect to a veterinarian.

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7 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Being A Cat

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In 2002, the National Institutes of Health released a study that found children under a year old who were exposed to a cat to be less likely to develop all kinds of allergies. According to Marshall Plaut, M.D., chief of the allergic mechanisms section at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, "high pet exposure early in life appears to protect against not only pet allergy

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Feline Health Topics Cornell University College Of

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The Cornell Feline Health Center offers a variety of articles, brochures, and videos online for cat owners and enthusiasts alike. Below you will find links to articles and brochures that help answer frequently asked questions as well as links to videos that demonstrate how to …

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Is Your Cat Endangering Your Health

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Also fueling concerns about cat parasites and their impact on human health is the discovery by University of British Columbia scientists of an infectious form of the cat

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Healthy Cats Health Center Guide

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Healthy Cats Guide Your pretty little kitty is probably steadfastly independent and likes to do things their way. But as their owner, your job is to make sure they are staying healthy (and geared

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Cats 101: Basic Health & Care Tips To Keep Your Cat

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Clean, fresh water is essential for your cat's good health. If your cat doesn't seem to drink from a bowl, consider providing her with a tall glass (some cats don't like to bend down to drink) or a cat fountain. Be sure to replenish the water with a fresh supply every day. 3. Make sure you have enough litter boxes.

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9 Ways To Help Your Constipated Cat PetMD

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Chronic diseases that can result in constipation in cats include kidney disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. Ruptured or impacted anal sacs may also cause your cat pain with defecation and may result in constipation. Cats eating dry food diets are predisposed to …

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Cat Health Petfinder

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Callie Harris, DVM, Nestle Purina Pet Care Cats master the picture of good health so it’s hard to tell when an illness is serious. Cat diarrhea is one of those conditions. Acute diarrhea is common and can be self-limiting but If it lasts longer than 24 hours it may be a sign of a health problem and the diarrhea …

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7 Common Health Problems In Senior Cats

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Thirty percent of all cats over age 10 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer, according to Dr. Heather Wilson, assistant professor of oncology at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. One of the …

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Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z

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Cat Health; Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z; Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z. Is your cat sick? Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of feline diseases and conditions. Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z Kidney Disease in Cats: What Cat Owners Should Know Kidney disease is a problem every cat parent needs to know about. Learn how common the disease is

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Cat Health TheCatSite

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Cat Health Share your experience and insights regarding health problems. Any information about medical breakthroughs, or any other related topics is appreciated.

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Pet Health Network Pet Health Network® Is Dedicated To

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The Pet Health Network is the leading vet authority on all topics related to your pet's health. Learn more about caring for your pet from our top vet experts. Pet Health Network | Pet Health Network® is dedicated to the health and well-being of pets and their people.

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Seven Most Common Illnesses In Senior Cats PetMD

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Heart disease is common in senior cats also. There are many different types of heart disease. One of the most commonly seen in cats is cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle. Degenerative valvular disease and other types of heart disease can be seen as well.

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Routine Health Care Of Cats

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Routine health care refers to the non-emergency, general care that is needed to keep your cat healthy throughout its life. This includes routine veterinary care for vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care; proper nutrition; grooming; and protection from household hazards.

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Cat Illness Warning Signs: What Symptoms To Look For

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Older cats are at greater risk of developing certain conditions. Senior cat health problems, some of which are termed "age-related" are increasingly being blamed on a combination of diet and environmental factors. Outdoor cats are generally more susceptible to disease than indoor cats, as are cats

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Feline Behavior Problems: Aggression Cornell University

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The consequences of aggressive behavior in cats can be significant, ranging from injuries to other cats and people to the surrender of aggressive cats to shelters. A recent study reported that 27 percent of cats relinquished to shelters for behavioral reasons were surrendered for aggression.

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Symptom Checker For Dogs & Cats PetMD

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One of the best ways to keep cats healthy and happy is to feed them well. Cats need all the right nutrients in just the right proportions to grow, maintain their bodies, be active, and prevent and recover from illness or injury. With healthy eating being so essential, pet parents need to know what… read more

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How Do Cats Contribute To Your Health And Well-being

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Cats are loved for their elegance, their calming purrs, and the sweetness of their cuddles, but do you know how they can actually improve your health?

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Cat Health And Safety Articles

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Filter through cat health and safety articles from your trusted online pet health & safety resource. Preventive Vet is a collective of veterinarians, certified trainers, behaviorists, educators, and pet lovers.

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Cat Health Articles Purina

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A cat's skin and coat are among the most visible signs of health and vitality. The skin and coat are of vital importance to the body's protective mechanisms against environmental assaults of all kinds: from infectious agents to temperature gradients.

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Top 5 Serious Cat Illnesses Only Your Vet Can Diagnose

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Cat Health. Top 5 Serious Cat Illnesses Only Your Vet Can Diagnose. Originally published on the Blog. By Jane Harrell, associate producer. Cats’ illnesses can have subtle symptoms, so if you wait until your cat is sick to take him to the vet, it might be too late.

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Common Problems With Aging Cats Hill's Pet

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Aging cat issues are often similar to those faced by humans. Older cats are susceptible to such problems as arthritis, obesity, vision and hearing problems and dementia, as well as a host of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney or liver disease and thyroid problems.

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Pet Insurance For Cats & Kittens Petplan

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Why Petplan cat health insurance? Protection for kittens & adults. Petplan covers viruses like COVID-19 in cats and reimburses up to $1,000 for online vet visits with no copay or deductible needed. We also cover boarding fees should you be hospitalized for four or more days.

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Cat Health Archives

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Improving your kitty’s overall health and ensuring they don’t use up those nine lives is something that we take seriously here at Petside. Whether you’re searching for help with cat weight management, IBS, or how to treat urinary tract infections, we’ve got all your cat health concerns covered. Go ahead and check out our comprehensive database of health-related articles and get the

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Cat Health Archives

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Loving and caring for a cat also means educating yourself about their health and wellbeing. Sometimes problems can arise with your cat and you should know a little about what… Cat Health Cat Safety Tips for Cat Owners What To Do If Your Cat Is Stung By A Bee

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Veterinary Medical Information For Dogs And Cats

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A large collection of information on health and behavior problems relating to dog and cats. Veterinary Medical Information for Dogs and Cats - Vet Info

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Cat Pee 101: Is My Cat’s Urine Normal

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As a result, most healthy, adult indoor cats will urinate twice a day on average. How frequently your cat urinates will be influenced by water consumption, heat and humidity, amount of moisture in the food, and medical conditions such as kidney disease, bladder infections, liver problems, hormonal imbalances, and more 2.

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Hyperesthesia In Cats

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Feline hyperesthesia syndrome and feline psycogenic alopecia are two interesting and often overlapping syndromes of cats. The names are quite a mouthful. Hyperesthesia means “abnormally increased sensitivity of the skin.” It may begin with signs typical of feline psychogenic alopecia and then escalate. It is known by many names including “rolling skin syndrome,” “twitchy cat disease

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Cat's Claw Benefits, Nutrition Facts, How To Use And

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Cat’s claw cream can also be used as a topical treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, and various muscle and joint problems. Cat’s Claw Interesting Facts. Cat’s claw is also called the “life-giving vine of Peru.” Its use for health purposes actually dates back to the ancient Inca civilization in Peru.

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Maine Coon Cats: Health Problems Owners Must Know About

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Hip dysplasia, which is another of the common Maine Coon cat health problems, is a genetic defect where the hip joint develops abnormally. This occurs when the hip joint does not fit well into the hip socket. Eventually, the hip joint becomes damaged because of the constant knocking of the femur head against the socket.

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Cat Health Collection Archives

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A ginger and white cat is a type of coat colour and pattern commonly found in mixed breed as well as purebred cats. It consists of a red tabby colour intermingled with white. The orange (O) gene is dominant, which means if the cat inherits one copy of the O gene from a parent, it will override any other colours, however, this is where it becomes a bit confusing.

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Lysine for Cats - 900mg/8oz Cats & Kittens of All Ages - Lysine for Cats Health - Sneezing, Runny Nose, Squinting, Watery Eyes 4.5 out of 5 stars 922 $12.79 $ 12 . 79 ($12.79/Count) $13.50 $13.50

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The 7 Best Canned Cat Foods Of 2021

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Canned cat food is an essential part of your cat’s diet.While cats do enjoy a varied selection of food and should be fed both dry and wet foods, canned cat food has the advantage of a high water content, which helps to keep your kitty hydrated (most cats don’t drink much water, so it’s important for them to “eat” their fluids).. How much you feed them and what type of canned cat food

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Can Cats Drink Milk

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“Even though some cats can tolerate milk and seem to enjoy it, cow’s milk just isn’t good for cats,” says Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinary health expert with Rover. “Cats don’t need

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What are cat medical problems?

Cats can suffer from a variety of health problems from digestive upset, urinary problems, skin disease, respiratory infections, ear infections, and dental and gum problems. Cats are known to mask illness and disease very well, and they don\'t often show any symptoms until they are very ill.

What's wrong with my Cat symptoms?

Other symptoms that commonly coincide with and are associated with causes of lethargy are: Weight gain Weight loss Diarrhea Fever Vomiting Thirst/increase in urination Jaundice Difficulty breathing Pain or discomfort Dull hair coat/loss of hair More items...

What is cat illness?

There are many types of cat illnesses. One of the most common cat illnesses is arthritis. Arthritis usually affects older cats and causes stiffness and decreased range and fluidity of movement.

What is a health cat?

A healthy cat usually has a shiny and smooth coat. Cats that get good nutrition receive the vitamins they need to have healthy skin and a healthy coat. They also feel well enough to groom themselves.

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