Lakeview Behavioral Health

  • Promoting Health in our Communities through an eclectic and holistic approach to providing psychiatric, mental health and substance use services
  • Psychiatric Services *Psychiatric Consultations: Comprehensive client evaluations *Medication Management: Monitoring and assessment of current medications
  • *Medication Therapy and Counseling: Services provided to optimizes drug therapy with the intent of improved therapeutic outcomes
  • *Telepsychiatry: Psychiatric assessment and care through telecommunications to increase access to services
  • *Genetic Testing: By offering Genetic testing we increase our understanding of patients and treatment
  • Mental Health Services: *Diagnostic Assessments: Use of assessment tools to measure and observe client behavior
  • *Adult Therapy: Treatment in the form of teaching coping skills through cognitive and exposure therapy
  • * Co-Occurring Therapy: Individualized therapy approach focused on multiple diagnosis of mental health and substance use
  • *Child and Play Therapy: Exploration of experiences and emotions in ways that make sense to children
  • *Marriage and Family Counseling: Incorporates working with spouses and family to improve relationships
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment *Rule 25 Assessments: Assessment performed to determine placement and level of care
  • *Comprehensive Substance Use Assessments: Assessment to better understand the individuals past, and current substance use while screening for mental and physical health needs
  • *Treatment planning: Individualized plan which includes a list of goals/objectives based on the individual need
  • *Individual therapy and Group Therapy: Client’s enrolled in group therapy will also receive …


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