Behavioral Healthcare Center Memphis

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Methodist Behavioral Health Center in Memphis TN?

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What is the name of the mental hospital in Memphis TN?

Memphis Mental Health Institute (MMHI) is a psychiatric hospital that has been serving the Memphis community since 1962. Hospitalizations are primarily on an involuntary basis, and patients can also be referred by the court system for pre-trial evaluations. The hospital offers 2 acute care units for a total of 55 beds.

Is Memphis mental health institute a provider Under TennCare?

The hospital is an authorized provider under TennCare. Memphis Mental Health Institute patient care teams, which consist of a psychiatrist, a social worker, nursing staff, a recreational therapist, and a treatment team coordinator, help individuals receive personalized care based on their specific needs.

Why choose memmem Memphis health center?

Memphis Health Center is committed to assisting our patients in navigating this complex system to achieve total wellness.

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