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Science News was founded in 1921 as an independent, nonprofit source of accurate information on the latest news of science, medicine and technology. Today, our mission remains the same: to empower

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Mar. 14, 2022 — Exposure to ozone from air pollution has been linked to an increase in depressive symptoms for adolescents over time, even …

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Adding a flexible backing to this kind of brain-computer High-Resolution Brain Recording Treating Cancer With Laser Light and Nanotech Treating TB With Higher Dose of Antibiotics Type 2

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Learn about the latest health issues and medical breakthroughs, with expert news and features on everything from cancer treatments to mental health and diabetes

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Health & Medicine A 2021 Nobel goes for discovering how our body reads touch sensations David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian found nerve-cell sensors for temperature, pain and pressure. By Tina Hesman Saey October 5, 2021 Health & Medicine Starting schools later leads to less tardiness, fewer ‘zombies’

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All Science Articles. Showing 1 - 15 of 298 results The First Person to Receive a Heart Transplant from a Pig Survived 2 Months. After the U.S. man received the first successful transplant of its kind, a Maryland hospital reported his death today. Melting Glaciers Could Flood Society with Problems. Earth’s glaciers are both a precious resource and a fragile ecosystem …

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What Is Health Science? Learn

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Knowledge related to health science is mainly acquired through research studies. These studies may include such things as evaluating new medications and treatments to ensure they are both effective and safe. The development of antibiotics and vaccines for major diseases are a few examples of the benefits that have come from preclinical research.

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Health sciences. Article 18 March 2022 Open Access. Modeling absolute zone size in retinopathy of prematurity in relation to axial length. Sean K. Wang, Edward Korot & Darius M. Moshfeghi

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Health Sciences Review Journal By

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Health Sciences Review will accept submissions of review articles from across the full range of therapy areas in health sciences and will publish accompanying commentaries. The journal will aim to give insight into the most urgent and important questions facing clinicians globally across the many … Read more. Metrics. 3.2 weeks. Time to First Decision. The average number of …

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This study's aim was to characterize the number and sources of funding, including federal and non-federal sources, for firearm-related research articles published in health sciences journals. We performed a scoping review of original, empirical, peer-reviewed articles related to firearms published in health science journals and indexed in PubMed between January 2000 and …

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Health Articles, Medical Innovations Popular Science Health Featured in Health By John McKenna / The Conversation Mar 08, 2022 Health What student with disabilities lost due to COVID Many young

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Health News - Science and Medicine Articles - page 2 Health Browse Categories Alcohol Alzheimers Disease Anxiety Autism Cancer Coronavirus DNA and Genes Food Human heart Immune System Marijuana

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the health science journal?

The Health Science Journal began as a shared vision for a free consumer health publication that points readers to modern and traditional health resources. 5. Journal of Research in Health Sciences

What is health science?

Health Science Basics Health science encompasses a variety of sub-disciplines, all of which relate to the application of science to health. Both traditional Western and alternative medicine can be considered health sciences.

What is healthscience in the post?

A basic mission of a newspaper is to inform the public. Every Tuesday, HEALTH & SCIENCE appears in The Post. This section is dedicated to examining the many facets of life that comprise personal HEALTH & SCIENCE These exercises are designed to acquaint students with the HEALTH & SCIENCE section.

What are the healthscience features?

The cost of health care and medicines remains an issue of concern for many families. Have students read the following HEALTH & SCIENCE features: Quick Study, Insuring Your Health, The Health Scan, and Letters. Reinforce the purpose and focus of each. •Useful information for grandparents.

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