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API Healthcare Authentication Portal

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Welcome to Client Connections – API Healthcare’s online support and customer portal for approved client support contacts. Sign in. Associate Log in Email Address * Password * Next time automatically sign me in (What's this?) If you are not already an approved contact, please reach out to your organization’s system administrator or help desk for help and further information.

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Using Event Monitoring REST API Developer Guide

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These examples use REST API event monitoring data that contains information useful for assessing org usage trends and user behavior. Event monitoring is accessed through the Lightning Platform SOAP API and REST API by way of the EventLogFile object. Therefore, you can integrate log data with your own back-end storage and data marts to correlate data from …

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Microsoft 365 Compliance Audit Log Activities Via O365

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In the next part of this blog series, we will continue discussing the DLP audit log schema, where can we find the Microsoft 365 compliance MIP & DLP related logs in the Office 365 Management API content blobs, as well as configuring the prerequisites and sharing a script to query Office 365 Management API. Moreover we will explore how the exported log data …

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What Is Azure API For FHIR? Azure API For FHIR

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Research: Healthcare researchers will find the FHIR standard in general and the Azure API for FHIR useful as it normalizes data around a common FHIR data model and reduces the workload for machine learning and data sharing. Exchange of data via the Azure API for FHIR provides audit logs and access controls that help control the flow of data and who has access …

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FHIR REST API Capabilities For Azure Healthcare APIs FHIR

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In this article, we'll cover some of the nuances of the RESTful interactions of Azure Healthcare APIs FHIR service (hereby called the FHIR service). Conditional create/update. The FHIR service supports create, conditional create, update, and conditional update as defined by the FHIR specification.

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API Reference Datadog Docs

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API Reference. The Datadog API is an HTTP REST API. The API uses resource-oriented URLs to call the API, uses status codes to indicate the success or failure of requests, returns JSON from all requests, and uses standard HTTP response codes.

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Google Cloud Metrics Cloud Monitoring

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Cloud Monitoring supports the metric types from Google Cloud services listed on this page. For a general explanation of the entries in the tables, including information about values like DELTA and GAUGE, see Metric types.. Note: To chart or monitor metric types with values of type STRING, you must use Monitoring Query Language (MQL), and you must convert the value …

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REST API REST API Developer Guide Salesforce Developers

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REST API provides you with programmatic access to your data in Salesforce. The flexibility and scalability of REST API make it an excellent choice for integrating Salesforce into your applications and for performing complex operations on a large scale.

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Changelog Microsoft Graph

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This changelog covers what's changed in Microsoft Graph, including the v1.0 and beta endpoint Microsoft Graph APIs.

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Cloud Logging Google Cloud

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Cloud Logging receives log entries through the Cloud Logging API where they pass through the Log Router. The Log Router checks each log entry against existing inclusion filters and exclusion filters to determine which log entries to discard, which to ingest, and which to include in exports.

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Add API Permissions Auth0 Docs

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API_ID: ID of the API for which you want to delete permissions. MGMT_API_ACCESS_TOKEN: Access Token for the Management API with the scope update:resource_servers. PERMISSION_NAME: Name(s) of the permission(s) you want to keep for the specified API. PERMISSION_DESC: User-friendly description(s) of the permission(s) you want to keep for …

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Conversations API Twilio

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Participant management: Add or remove participants and assign roles via the API Advanced Opt-Out : Customize opt-ins and opt-outs for local regulations and languages in the Console Native group texting : Support group texting, with MMS protocol, that displays the sender identity of each message (U.S. and Canada)

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